EDC LA 2010 – The Beginning

EDC LA 2010

The beginning of it all…

The last time for EDC in LA, the first time I went to an electronic music festival. This was what sparked it all. I had gotten into electronic music and constantly hung out with friends listening to it at house parties or going out to clubs. We often had DJ’s and made our own mini raves, but I had never been to what we then called a “massive”.

We did the whole thing, had an outfit making night, shopped around for glowing accessories to complete it, bought our tickets and were ready to go. We show up and walk in and I’m blown away by the masses of people and the complete freedom that I felt. You could do whatever you wanted, wear what you want, just be happy and alive.

The entire lineup was amazing, and at the time Deadmau5 had just blown up and that’s who we were most excited to see close out the main stage.


But here, it was about more than just the music. I can’t even remember who all we saw because as the day unfolded we were swept up in the entire event, running from stage to stage and experiencing everything along the way. Going down the rabbit hole – walking through the tunnel of lights with spectrum glasses, contributing to the giant wall of neon finger paint, making new friends all over the place.

It all seemed to pass by so quickly, and then it was the closing, where Deadmau5 of course crushed it. We left wishing it would never end, that we could stay in this beautiful world Insomniac had created forever.

EDC LA was a pivotal moment in my life. I had never seen such a large group of people that were so free and open and just enjoying life. I felt so happy and inspired, and from there I was hooked. Festivals were now my biggest passion and a part of my soul.




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