Awakenings Outdoor 2015

Non-stop techno…

Ah Awakenings… Quite possibly the best techno event in the world. I’ve still got some on my list to check out, but so far, this is my #1.

Throughout the year they have various Awakenings events. Often at the Gashouder in Amsterdam, and they recently brought the event to New York and Antwerp. But the biggest event is Awakenings Outdoor.  Two days, multiple stages, exclusively techno. This is the only techno festival I’ve been to that was just as large as a multi-genre electronic music festival.

People travel from all over Europe to come to this. The vibes are unreal. Every person there absolutely loves the music and is there solely for that. You meet people of numerous nationalities who come together through the love of music. There’s non-stop dancing the whole day, then on to the after parties.. because you know Amsterdam knows how to party.

The space is beautiful and open with awesome looking stages. There’s a lake right in the middle of the grounds that is so serene and relaxing when you need to take a rest. One thing you realize when going to festivals around Amsterdam is that The Netherlands is such a beautiful country.


One of the many stages is a Drumcode stage, where I was so lucky to catch the king himself, Adam Beyer. His set was by far the best of the weekend. Another one of my favorites was one of the tent stages. For some reason techno and tents just go perfectly together. And in Europe, it’s especially nice because in the summer, the sun doesn’t fully go down until after 10pm so most of the festival is in daylight. But in the darkness of the tent, you get the full effect with lights and visuals.


Every true techno lover NEEDS to go to Awakenings Outdoor. 30,000+ people, 8 stages, 2 days, ALL TECHNO. What more could you ask for?



Things to know:

  • The festival ends around 11pm (but there are plenty of after parties to choose from)
  • This is slightly outside of Amsterdam, so the best way to get there is a shuttle. (They have the info on their website: ; Taxis can be a little expensive, and the wait to get one is really long)
  • If you want something from the merch stand, get it early. They will sell out of everything.


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