Hippie Sabotage 3.24.2016

The most sincere love for fans I’ve ever seen…



On a Thursday night, the show sold out in advance. It was a packed house at Terminal West (which is an awesome venue, I recommend looking up what shows they have if you’re ever in Atlanta) in Atlanta, Georgia. Hippie Sabotage blew up just a couple years ago after remixing Tove Lo’s Habits (Stay High). Although, my personal favorite is another track, Able To See Me, which you can check out here if you don’t already know it.

The show was of course absolutely amazing. Their production was top notch with insane visuals. They also mostly play their own music, which I really respect.


But what really stuck with me about this show wasn’t the music or the production, it was how sincere and humble these two brothers were. During the show they talked about how grateful they were to be where they are today. How, not that long ago, they were living out of their car, trying to make music on a busted laptop. During the show they even told the entire crowd to come up on stage with them and they had a dance party with all their fans. At the end they also made sure to come out and talk to everyone who wanted to. I’ve never seen such appreciation for fans at any show before. You could feel the sincerity in everything they were doing and saying. They really knew that their fans are what put them where they are. That without them, they would be nowhere. A lot of people say this, but you could feel that these guys really meant it. It was simply amazing and such a breath of fresh air to see an artist stay true even as they start getting big.

If you have a chance to catch them while they’re still on tour, I highly recommend it.

Show dates can be found here.




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