Lightning In A Bottle 5.25-30.2016

The most beautiful journey…

Ahh LIB..I’ve been to all kinds of festivals all around the world, and I have never experienced a vibe like this. I had been trying to go for years and knew that I would love it, but I could never have imagined just how absolutely beautiful it would be. As it stands, this is my favorite festival.

Do Lab so perfectly creates an atmosphere of trust and community. You don’t feel like you are at an organized event, you feel like you went into the desert to have a party with your friends. Part of what makes this so special is that every single person working at the festival is beyond happy to be there. From security to vendors, everyone is smiling and enjoying themselves. The community at LIB breeds positivity and embraces all things inspirational.

The music is amazing and diverse. From world music to ambient to dubstep to trap and everything in between, the lineup is carefully put together to showcase real, talented artists. My favorite stage, was definitely the Woogie stage. I’m hoping I can go to Woogie Weekend next year, too. But, my favorite set was Moderat, which was on the main stage. I was so beyond excited to be able to see them live, and they blew me away. If you ever get the chance to see them, you need to!


But LIB is so much more than the music lineup. In every little corner, there is something new to explore. Not only the events listed on the lineup such as the Grand Artique, Pagoda Bar, yoga, talks, etc… but also little installations and set ups all throughout the festival grounds. You see something intriguing and just go to it and discover. There was a metal temple that was on the edge of a valley where you could just stare off into the dark abyss, as I was running through a valley below the bridge someone was setting up an area to stop and have a cup of hot tea, and my personal favorite was Meditation Lookout. My friend and I stumbled upon this area when exploring on the first day. Luckily it was right as the sun was setting, and a crowd was sitting on the hill to take in the beauty. We sat down and as the sun set, everyone began to howl and cheer for the sun. It was such a freeing experience, and I felt so connected to and thankful for this magnificent home we call Earth.

LIB is not meant for everyone, however. If you go to this festival, you need to be prepared to go in with an open heart and let yourself take it all in. It’s not like any other festival you’ve experienced. It’s not about raging, it’s about the love of music and having an amazing experience. Put everything from the world aside, open your mind, let positivity flow, and just enjoy.


I could go on and on about how amazing the art is, the people, the set up, the positivity, the sustainability, everything. It is so apparent that the people who put this on (Do Lab) really care about what they are doing and put their heart and soul into every piece of it. And the people who go to this festival embrace and enhance the vibe and create such a wonderful community. But this isn’t something that can be described in words, you have to go and experience it.

One last moment…

On the last night of the festival, I had to step away from the music for a moment to go back to Meditation Lookout to watch one last sunset. The feeling of the festival coming to an end and the beauty before me brought me to tears. Such an amazing end to a beautiful journey.



Things to know:

  • Make sure you come prepared to take your trash away. Everyone here cares about our home, so please take care of it.
  • Get there as early as you can to get a good camping spot (the early arrival pass is worth it)
  • If you’re flying home after the festival, book your flight for the next day to make sure you don’t miss it. (It took us an abnormally long time to get out of the festival grounds, and I missed my flight)
  • Bring a dust mask and be prepared if you have allergies. My nose went crazy, so I had to constantly wear a mask, but every moment was still worth it.
  • Do sunset yoga at least once





Factory 93 Knee Deep In Sound 05.21.2016


I was so excited when I heard about Insomniac’s new project, Factory 93. I’m a huge fan of house and techno, and loved to hear that they were taking it back to the underground. Luckily, I was already planning on being in LA on the date of the first ever show. I’m a fan of Hot Since 82 as well, so there was no way I was going to miss this debut!


Unfortunately, it wasn’t everything I hoped. The music was great, and the warehouse is cool, but they missed the mark on creating the old, underground vibe.

Some of the pluses were that Hot Since 82 played a killer set. The room was full but there was still plenty of room to dance. Everyone was getting down, and kept going all night long. The production was well done. They had a black diamond cube hanging in the center, nothing too flashy to fit the dark aesthetic of the scene. Outside, there is a large mural on the building and plenty of room for everyone to hang out if they want to escape the music for a second.


Where I was let down, was that they still maintained the high price, LA culture. The tickets were over priced unless you bought the early bird. For what you got, I think $50 was too much. If they are really trying to create the same feel as years ago when people had illegal warehouse parties, you can’t charge $50+ for a ticket. With minimal production and the way the event is set up, there’s no reason they should be charging this much. You also shouldn’t be charging $20 for a drink. Both of these things definitely took away from the feel that they are supposed to be trying to create for Factory 93. Another downside was that there were not many porter potties. The lines were so long. You need more than 10 porter potties for an event where there is over a thousand people. Because this still had the overpriced aspects of upscale night clubs in LA, it felt like they missed the mark on “taking it back to the underground.”

Although this was a bit underwhelming and did not meet my expectations of what they said they were trying to create for the event, they do book some amazing acts, so I would go again just for that, with lower expectations. Don’t go expecting it to feel like a warehouse party from the 90’s. And, buy the early bird ticket so you feel like you got your money’s worth.