Holy Ship 8.0 1.6.17-1.10.17

A wild ride…

Holy Ship is one that is coveted by most seasoned festival goers and was on the bucket list for me. This year, the stars finally aligned and I embarked on 8.0.

You hear from your friends just how amazing it is but it really is something you have to experience for yourself. Holy Ship does a fantastic job at creating a sense of community. Not just so people can feel cool being a part of ShipFam but so that while on the ship, you feel as if you are a part of something. It really does feel like a family and it keeps everything positive. You can count on others to turn in your phone if you lose it, not steal it, etc. Everyone is looking out for each other and sharing the experience together.

Another thing I really loved was that since the capacity is only around 4,000 people, most of the stages were never really crowded. I got to see some of my favorite DJ’s and could be in the front row if I wanted to and still have plenty of room to dance. Normally at festivals, I’m way in the back because I like being able to dance and move around, but on Holy Ship, you can be anywhere you want to be.

Since all the DJ’s are on the ship the whole time, there are so many surprise b2b’s which makes it even more special. Each set can be something different. Also, most DJ’s play more than once, so if you’re too turnt to catch them the first time, you have another chance. And, trust me, this is something you’ll need on Ship. This is nice, too, because Holy Ship is a whole experience and you don’t want to get too focused on making it to every set. You should wander around and take everything in, and go check out artists you don’t know that well, too. I got lucky and stumbled into the Theatre just to take a break and sit down, and Amtrac was playing. It ended up being one of my favorite sets, and the production in there was insane!


Another one of my favorite parts was also the private island party! Make sure you wake up for this. Nothing like vibing on your own island with fellow shippers.


The only tough part can be if you get sea sick. We hit some rough waters this year, so I ended up feeling a little sick. But it’s such a good time that I just pushed through it and despite feeling like crap at times, I had so much fun, nothing could put a damper on it.

If you are lucky enough to secure a spot on Holy Ship in the future, buy some sea bands and Dramamine, remember that you are a part of the community and spread good vibes, and get ready to dance your ass off!




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