Movement Detroit 05.27.17-05.29.17

Non-stop T E C H N O

Movement is one of my new favorite festivals! This makes it a tough decision for me next year, as it’s on the same weekend as my other favorite festival, LIB, and the two are so amazing in such different ways.

For the techno heads, Movement is by far the best festival in the US, and one of the best in the world. The lineup was insane. I constantly had a problem of choosing who I was going to see at any moment in the day, because there were too many good choices..that’s a great problem to have. From the festival itself to the after parties, the entire experience was incredible.

One of the best moments of the festival was when TESTPILOT (aka Deadmau5) performed. It started storming after Adam Beyer, so TESTPILOT’s set was postponed. Not everyone wanted to wait out the rain since this was the last set of the night anyways, so the crowd thinned slightly which opened up a little more room for us. TESTPILOT kept the crowd entertained cracking jokes on the mic the whole time while waiting, and I thoroughly appreciated his snarky humor. After about 20 minutes, he began playing. His set was dark and intense. As the set went on, his equipment cut out twice because it had gotten wet. The first time, a few people left, so we had more room to dance. The second time, a lot more people left, but I saw this as an opportunity, and it worked out fantastically. My friends and I went down to the bottom where we had plenty of room to dance and were only 5 feet away from him. It was insane to see such amazing talent from up close like that without being smashed in a crowd. He played far past the time that the fest was supposed to end to make up for the time lost from the storm, and it was absolutely incredible! I was dancing around, with the biggest smile on my face, knowing that I would never get to experience one of his sets like this ever again in my life. It was as if we got a private show. Fittingly, he mixed in his Deadmau5 track “Sometimes things get complicated…” However, the complications created the most memorable and amazing moment of the whole festival for those of us who stayed to see it.

As I said, the entire lineup was so good, but a few artists’ sets that stand out in my mind are were TESTPILOT, Adam Beyer, Stacey Pullen, Paco Osuna, ANNA, Cajmere, Nicole Moudaber, and Paranoid London. The great thing about Movement, though, is that at every second of the festival you can find at least 3 people playing who you will love if not more.


[Stacey Pullen]

My favorite stages were the Underground Stage and the Pyramid Stage. The Pyramid Stage is so beautiful because you’re on the water. It’s also nice having the pyramid to stand on so the crowd is in tiers. A lot of artists I liked happened to be booked on this stage, so that worked out well for me. The Underground Stage is my second favorite because it felt like a dark club and was literally under ground. Go in here to get that dark techno vibe that we all love.


[Pyramid Stage]

A huge part of Movement is the after parties. My favorite one was the Drumcode after party with Nicole Moudaber and Adam Beyer at the Masonic Temple which was my favorite venue. This was one of the best nights of techno of my life.  Both of them are incredible DJ’s and producers. I loved how dark and deep they went. My body was aching from so much dancing that day, but I couldn’t stand still, not even for a second, because the music was so good.

Aside from amazing music, the city itself was a great experience. Everyone we came across was friendly, and being by the water made it so beautiful. Detroit is also known for its street art, so before heading home I went over to East Market to check out some murals that were from the event Murals in the Market.


[Luke Chueh – my personal favorite]


[Patch Whisky X Ghost Beard collab]

Overall Movement, is an amazing festival, and I’m putting it on my must do list. It’s all about the music. They put all their attention towards that, so there’s minimal experiential areas, but the venue is naturally set up in a great way, and you have the river and city skyline to add a touch of beauty. But this is why the lineup is so incredible, because every dollar they have goes to booking the most talented DJ’s there are in the house and techno world. If you like techno, go to movement. It’s a must.


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